Beauty in a PINCH: 5 minutes, 5 products.


Beauty regimes don’t need to be long and complicated. Most of us lead jam-packed lifestyles and have limited time in the morning for makeup. Creating a streamlined beauty routine will allow you to be groomed and ready regardless of time constraints.

What are your beauty priorities? What won’t you leave the house without wearing? Consider the attributes you want to enhance, and the products and techniques you feel comfortable with.

FIVE MINUTE MAKE-UP (that anyone can master)

Five minutes, five areas. For each feature, there are three quick options. These can easily be mixed and matched if you would like to spend extra time on one particular step (or skip one of the areas).




  • Option one: Concealer patted under the eyes .
  • Option two: BB Creme or Tinted moisturiser applied to the face with fingers.
  • Option three: Mineral powder foundation buffed on to skin with a kabuki brush.


  • Option one: Cream blush or lipstick patted on to apples of cheeks with finger tips.
  • Option two: Powder blush patted on to the apples of the cheeks with blush brush.
  • Option three: Powder bronzer applied softly for a more sun-kissed look.


  • Option one: Brush through brows with brow brush or clear brow gel.
  • Option two: Softly apply brow powder with an angle brush to lightly define.
  • Option three: Apply brow pencil using feathery strokes for a more defined brow.


  • Option one: Apply one light coat of mascara.
  • Option two: Curl lashes, and apply a coat of mascara.
  • Option three: Curl lashes, and apply two coats of mascara. Line the inner eye with a white or nude pencil to make the eye “pop”.


  • Option one: Apply a lightly tinted lip balm for moisture and a hint of colour.
  • Option two: Create a quick lip stain by patting lipstick on with your fingertips.
  • Option three: Apply lip stain or lipstick (from the tube or a brush), and finish with a slick of lip gloss in the centre of the lips.



Beauty Short Cuts

But what about those times when you don’t have all of your products on hand? There are a few shortcuts and multi-use products that can save the day. Being prepared helps. Try and keep a mini beauty stash in your car, at work and in your handbag; this way you will be prepared for any situation.

  • Concealer can double as foundation (apply over a well moisturised face to help with blending). Choose a shade the exact colour of your face.
  • Mascara is a saviour when you have little time for anything else. Even one coat will open up and define the eyes beautifully.
  • Lipstick can double as cream blush. Simply pat on the apples of the cheeks with a fingertip in a circular motion.
  • For a simple, elegant hairstyle, sweep hair up into a high ponytail. Clear hair elastics look chic and are easy to carry around with you. Finish with a spray of hairspray from a handbag size can.
  • Consider getting your brows and / or lashes tinted. This is a great tip for fair-haired women who feel “naked” without mascara or brow pencil.
  • Dry Shampoo is a life saver for days when you don’t have time to wash your hair.
  • Gradual Tan is a great to moisturise the skin while building a natural faux tan.