How To Do Perfect Winged Eyeliner


Bold winged liner is the little black dress of make-up. Reminiscent of old Hollywood, this classic make-up look can take you from day to night. Keep eyelids nude for a modern look. Instantly change this look by adding a bright red or pink lip colour, or a set of false lashes.

Many liquid eyeliners come complete with a brush or felt applicator; but a modern gel eyeliner used with a fine brush will give you a sharp line, and ultimate control. If you prefer a liquid liner, Lancome do a fantastic one with a firm felt applicator.



1. MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack

2. MAC Paint Pot in Groundwork

3. MAC liner brush 210 (very fine)

4. MAC liner brush 209 (slightly thicker)

5. MAC Pro Concealer palette

(to tidy any mistakes)


Flicks Image Product on hand.jpeg

Using the end of your brush, dispense a small amount of product on to the back of your hand. This is now your palette. Gently swipe the brush through the product, and flatten it out so you have nice, sharp edges with which to draw with. Ensure there are no clumps of product on the brush. Try a few test lines on your hand to get a feel for what your brush will create. Make sure you’re sitting in front of your mirror in a well lit area, with somewhere to rest your elbow. Steady hands mean even lines.

Step 1. Draw your flicks.

This is key to having control over your finished look. Draw your flicks FIRST using the lovely sharp edge of the brush you have just prepared. Start on the very edge of your eye, and angle up towards the end of your brow. Do this with your eyes open, so you can see exactly where the flick is heading. You will need to tilt your head up and look up underneath the eye, as well as looking straight on. When it comes to matching up your other eye, go slowly. Stop and check that the angle is the same. This takes time and practice to perfect.

Step 2. Fill lash line.

Once you have your beautiful flicks in place, start to fill in the line along your lashes. You will need to go back to your hand and pick up more product, once again flattening out your brush to keep that line lovely and sharp. Do small sections, and gradually join them together. Start fine, thicken up the line if you desire. Your line should be finer as you get in towards the inner corner of your eye. Thicken it out towards the end, and fill in your flick a little. Do all of this with your eyes open, and shut. Constantly check your work, and take your time creating the shape.

Step 3. Line the corners of your eyes.

Don’t forget the corners. Take your line to the very inner corner of the eye to continue the look. Keep this line very fine, and draw this with your eye open, looking straight ahead. During the entire process, make sure you have a few fingers resting on your face to anchor your hand. This prevents wobbling, and will help you to steady yourself. Once you’ve drawn the inner corner, close your eye and check that this part matches up to the lash line nicely.

Step 4. Refine your flicks.

Go back to your flicks, and have a good look at your work. Do they need to be thicker? Do they match up with your lash line? Have you filled in all of the space necessary? Often at this stage you will need a little extra product to thicken them out, and darken them up. The edges may need to be sharper; go back over these carefully. Now is also a great time to go back and thicken up the lash line if you desire a more dramatic finish.

Step 5. Line your upper water line.

This step can be ticklish and weird at first, but makes an enormous difference to the finished look. This needs to be done with your eye WIDE open (as seen in the creepy photo to the left). Tilt your head up so you can see where you’re going. Lining the upper waterline will remove any pink that shows through. This creates the effect of a very full, thick lash line. Gel eyeliner tends to last extremely well on the waterline; just ensure your brushes are clean and sterile before use. You can use isopropyl alcohol on a tissue to sterilise and clean your brush.


Finish your look with two coats of mascara, and add a set of false lashes at this stage for an evening look. If you choose to line the lower lash line also, make sure you join this up to your flicks. Check the side of your face in a mirror to ensure the two lines marry up correctly. Creating perfect flicks can be challenging, but with practice, and the correct tools and technique, anyone can master this beautiful look.