Four Ways To Boost Energy Naturally

Many of us suffer fatigue from to the demands of modern life, and often we opt for caffeine and poor food choices for energy. The glorification of "busy" means that so many of us neglect our health in the pursuit of success, and the desire to do it all.

Sometimes there are underlying medical reasons for fatigue, which must be discussed with a GP or other health practitioner. For those of us who are relatively healthy, there are a few energy hacks that will get us through even the most hectic times. 


Amp up your nutrition

Boost your fruit and vegetable intake, reduce sugar and dairy, eat protein regularly, and include plant based fats in your diet. Cleaning up your eating regime will make an enormous, almost instant change in energy levels. Simply eliminating processed foods and takeaways is a great place to start. If you're serious about wellness and energy, consider consulting a holistic nutritionist for a personalised diet revamp. 

Smoothies for starters

Swapping out your breakfast for a supercharged smoothie is an easy way to create energy for your day. Below are some excellent ingredients to mix and match:

  • Spinach and kale - you can barely taste these wonder greens if you blend them with fruit.
  • Berries - low in sugar and high in antioxidants.
  • Chia seeds - high in protein and a true super food.
  • Maca powder - another super food which is wonderful for energy levels and libido.
  • Banana - even a third of a banana thrown into a smoothie will add sweetness and texture.
  • Coconut water - nature's Powerade without the sugar and artificial ingredients.
  • Almond or coconut milk - for added creaminess and good fats.
  • Vegan protein powder - essential to keep blood sugar levels stable and hunger at bay.
  • Nuts - soak these in water overnight to activate them and enable easy blending.
  • CoYo - coconut yogurt for a decadent texture and extra good fats.
  • Tropical fruits - mango and pineapple lend themselves particularly well to smoothies.


Drink green

In addition to green smoothies, green tea is a one of the best things you can drink - with added antioxidant benefits. Swap out your coffee for green tea, and have as many cups a day as you like.

The small amounts of caffeine in green tea will give a little boost, and your body will thank you for the extra hydration. Try T2 Matcha Powder if you are serious about green tea; this concentrated green tea powder will give you an intense antioxidant and energy hit.



The times we feel tired are often the times we need to be active. Even a brisk walk will boost blood flow, which in turn delivers more oxygen around the body. Endorphins are also released during exercise; these feel good chemicals boost our mood and energy quickly. Try a high intensity interval training session (HIIT) to really get you going.

Regular exercise will keep your energy on an even keel, and give you more stamina to deal with life's challenges. Getting started can be tough, but after even a few sessions you will feel a difference.


Supplement with CoQ10

Co-enzyme Q10 is made in the body, and produces energy for cell growth and maintenance. This wonder substance also works as an anti-oxidant, protecting your cells from free radical damage - yes, this means it's anti-aging.

Specialised forms of CoQ10 are an excellent energy boosting supplement, and take effect very quickly. Try two capsules in the morning instead of your morning coffee. MitoQ is a potent, supercharged version of CoQ10 - discovered at The University of Otago in NZ - that is ideal for an anti-aging energy boost.*



Energy can be so elusive, but by taking responsibility for our health, we can truly make a difference in our day to day lives. If you're feeling extremely sluggish and run-down, a trip to a naturopath is a great idea. Often we need some extra help getting our bodies back in balance. Herbal medicine prescribed by a naturopath can be life changing, and can support our bodies in times of stress and fatigue. For those based in Auckland, try The Tonic Room in Kingsland for a one stop holistic shop.








*Editors note: This is truly a wonder supplement - I take it every day and the results are tangible.