Green Beauty

The green movement is here to stay, as consumers everywhere educate themselves and become more discerning when it comes to ingredients. But what does this mean for skin care and beauty products?

  • Many natural ingredients have wonderful properties that lend themselves well to skin care. Plant oils such as olive, almond, rose hip and avocado are particularly good for their softening and moisturising properties.
  • Essential oils are popular in skincare, and the aromatherapy treatment benefits can be very helpful for some; lavender is known to induce relaxation, just as peppermint is renowned for its invigorating quality.
  • Take care with essential oils; these are best blended with carrier oils or into products. Direct application of concentrated oil on the skin can cause extreme irritation.
  • Antioxidants are undoubtedly the most exciting natural skincare ingredient. These are potent anti-aging agents that can help to prevent and repair damage in the body, including damage to collagen and elastin fibres in the skin.
  • Green and white tea, and vitamins A / C  / E are beneficial to skin, not only externally in skincare, but internally through diet and supplements. Eating a diet rich in antioxidants is vital for general health, and the health of your skin. More on this in a later article.
  • Keep in mind that many synthetic ingredients are naturally derived. Alpha Hydroxy Acids are a great example; these come from sour milk (lactic acid), sugar cane (glycolic acid), and citrus fruits (citric acid).
  • Some natural ingredients can be harmful, as can some chemicals. Natural does not always mean better. Some of the best products on the market combine the best synthetic ingredients with the best natural ingredients for optimum performance.
  • There is some debate on the benefit of avoiding parabens (synthetic preservatives), and other synthetic ingredients. If you desire greener beauty products, there are more available than ever. Expect to see many more advances in this category in future.

The Beauty Guru Green product picks below are all paraben and sulfate-free, and contain beneficial natural ingredients.


Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Serum


Dr. Hauschka are leaders in the natural beauty market, and they produce some incredible products. This serum is a dream to use; light and fresh, and easily absorbed. This would be perfect used alone for oily or combination skin, or with a moisturiser layered on top for a normal to dry skin type.

Quince-seed extract regulates moisture, while Red Clover and Clover Blossom Honey help to smooth and prevent fine lines. This serum is also very cooling and soothing, and would be suitable for sensitive skin. Although the Regenerating Serum is a  ”mature” skin product, anyone could benefit  from its anti-ageing properties.

Ideal for: All skin types, especially for those who like a light product. Great to use to help prevent ageing.

RRP: (30g) $149.00 (For more information, check out


LA’ BONIC Pure Rose Repair Cream

Rose oil is renowned for it’s anti-ageing and restorative properties. LA’ BONIC’s Repair Cream contains certified organic rose oil, carefully obtained through steam distillation of organic roses.

This New Zealand made cream has a luxurious, creamy texture which makes it very pleasant to apply, and the rose oil gives it a beautiful delicate scent. As this cream is quite nourishing, it’s perfect for use at night to replenish skin.

Ideal for: Normal to dry skin types. Perfect for those who need a moisture boost.

RRP: (50g) $55.00 from 


Dual Senses Green Pure Repair 60 Second Treatment

Goldwell’s Green Pure Repair 60 second Treatment is not only quick; it’s free of sulphates, parabans, mineral oils, silicones, artificial fragrance and dyes. This is a little pot of goodness for hair. Organic Shea Milk and Noni extract help to smooth and repair dry and damaged hair.

Designed to be used after shampooing (and rinsed off after sixty seconds), this treatment mask is ideal to use once or twice a week to give hair a treat. The texture is lovely and thick, and there is a soft herbal scent to the product. Hair feels silky smooth after use.

Ideal for: Anyone with long, dry, stressed or damaged locks.

RRP: $25.50 – Available from Ryder Salon in Britomart (more product info here)


Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Body Cream

Trilogy have some fantastic products, and their Ultra Hydrating Body Cream doesn’t disappoint. Rosehip oil is one of their signature ingredients, which moisturises skin beautifully. Evening primrose oil, Jojoba and Sunflower oil also hydrate and soften the skin. This is a very rich cream which requires some massaging during application to help it absorb. The addition of Mica, a light-reflecting mineral, gives the skin the most gorgeous sheen. This would be perfect to apply to the legs and décolletage before going out.

Ideal for: Those with dry skin on the body, and great for those who like an illuminating effect.

RRP: $ 29.90 – Can be purchased online at the link below:

Suvana Paw Paw Ointment

PawPaw and Honey Oinment is certified organic, and works wonders for dry, chapped lips and skin. Unlike other Paw Paw ointments, there is no petroleum jelly in Suvana. For a full Beauty Guru product review , click here.

Ideal for: Anyone who needs some TLC for their lips. The perfect handbag product.

RRP: $11.99 from selected pharmacies.