PRODUCT REVIEW || Eco Tan Winter Skin

Safe tanning is the way of the future, with all smart beauty lovers embracing self-tan. Gradual tanners have made this process even easier, with a lighter result that builds up over consecutive applications. These wonder products are moisturisers with a lower level of DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), the active ingredient in all self-tanners. DHA is often derived from natural sugars, and works by staining the outer layers of dead skin cells, lasting between 3 - 10 days.

Eco Tan Winter Skin is a certified organic gradual tanner and daily moisturiser with no synthetic ingredients. It is also cruelty free and vegan. But what about performance?

Texture and smell

  • With a delicate rose scent, the unpleasant smell of self-tanner is kept to a minimum. The lotion is incredibly lightweight, absorbed easily, and feels nourishing on the skin without being sticky.
  • It is dispensed from a pump, and though it has a slight tan colour to it, it applies colourless and doesn't stain sheets or clothing.


  • After daily application for 4 days, skin has a beautiful natural tan. With extended use, this would most certainly deepen; which makes this suitable for all skin tones. The effect is very gradual, so this lotion would be fine for even the most pale skin. Skin also feels super soft and moisturised while the product is working.


  • Gradual tanners are fantastic to prolong spray tans and self-tan applications; this also would be a perfect holiday item to build up a tan without endangering skin in the sun.
  • For ease of use with an exceptional result, this is a fantastic product with the added benefit of being organic and free of synthetic ingredients. It would be impossible to apply this product incorrectly. Facial application is fine for those who don't have hyper-sensitive skin. At $39.95 retail (purchased at IE Produce), it's a pricier option, but well worth it for those serious about their at-home tanning.

Beauty Guru Rating: 9 / 10