I Try: Pure Health Delivered Wholefood Meals


I'm a huge fan of convenience, and I aim to live a healthy lifestyle (other than my love of wine and fries). So I was pretty excited to try PHD's new range of whole food meals. The idea of getting beautiful salads and meals delivered for the week struck me as an indulgence - but for the health-conscious time poor among us, what a fantastic concept.

I've done the three-day PHD juice cleanse a few times, and loved it. I felt light, refreshed, and like I'd given my body and digestive system a well-deserved break. The Pure Green juice is my favourite - I love green juices and smoothies, and this is distinctly green-tasting with a huge hit of nutrients. A great option to rebalance your body after a holiday or indulgent weekend. 

How it works

Meals can be ordered in a pre-selected plan, or you can customise your order and choose from the range of salads, meals, snacks, juices, and smoothie bowls. The meals are $16.00, the smoothie blends $6.00, and individual juices are $7.00. The serving sizes are generous.

Everything lasts four days in the fridge once delivered, and the smoothie blends can be frozen (genius). I selected a good range to try, and chose my delivery date for Sunday. Everything turned up on time, packaged with PHD ice packs to keep it all cool. It was like christmas. 

What I tried

Shredded chicken, green cabbage slaw, herby summer salsa.

I loved this. Full of veggies, tasty, vibrant, and the chicken is free range (the only kind I'll eat). The chicken and dressing came in a separate little package to be mixed in with the salad (great idea to stop the salad getting soggy). The perfect low-carb lunch on the go.


Vegan Super Salad with almonds, peanuts, and lemon dressing.

A vegan offering! Yes! I don't eat a lot of meat, so this jumped out at me. Super wholesome, packed with kale and other goodies, this was surprisingly filling. The tahini dressing was delicious too. I like that this meal is boosted with turmeric and nutritional yeast which provides a B12 hit for vegans and vegetarians. A very well thought out salad.


Cacao King Smoothie Blend

The pre-packed smoothie blends are ingenious and super convenient. Packaged in a small sealed carton, you throw the contents into a blender, add water/coconut water/almond milk and a hit of protein powder if desired, and blend. Done. No chopping, no thinking about what to use. I particularly loved the Cacao King mix - banana, avocado, cacao powder, almonds, greens, and dates. Sweet and full of goodness. If I could I would stock my freezer with these little genius tubs and have them every day.



Quinoa salad with herb olive oil dressing and shredded chicken (dairy-free, gluten-free).

Quinoa is one of my favourite sources of carbohydrate and protein, so I knew I would love this salad. The serving size was massive - I couldn't finish it all in one go - so this was almost two meals for me. Excellent value for money. The dressing is tasty, and there's plenty of free-range chicken for extra protein. Love. 


Browse the range here.

Disclaimer: PHD were kind enough to send me some of their whole food options to try. I adored the range and I was so impressed by the options available. I wholeheartedly recommend PHD to anyone.