Why You Should Love Your Body + Healthy Body Affirmations

Affirmations are a powerful tool that can help create the life we dream of. By stating what we want as if it's already true, we make a statement to ourselves and send out the intention of our desires. As Louise Hay says, an affirmation is like planting a seed. A seed may not look like the plant it will grow to be, but if we tend to it, it will grow and come to fruition. 

For affirmations to work we must repeat them with conviction often. It may feel strange initially, especially as we may not feel these statements are currently true. Remember that to change we must change our thinking first. Everything external in our lives is created internally in our thoughts. Be open and receptive to change, and allow good to flow to you. 

Body image is something that most of us struggle with. Unrealistic standards are rife, and we are bombarded daily with photoshopped imagery of "perfect" models that we compare ourselves to. The advent of social media hasn't helped the situation. Instagram is filled with edited images of beautiful, slim women in swimwear, doing yoga, and drinking green smoothies. How is the average woman supposed to compete?

The problem lies within the very notion of competition. Living in our bodies is a privilege. There is NO competition - we all have days when we feel fat, tired or unattractive. We all cry and laugh and feel the same spectrum of emotions. This separation - the "perfect" vs. the normal - is an illusion. We are all connected. Each one of us is beautiful and worthwhile, and comparison only serves to steal our happiness.

One of the very best things you can do for yourself is to stop comparing and go on a media diet. Stop reading women's magazines, unfollow those Instagram accounts that make you feel awful about yourself, don't seek "fitspiration", and quit speaking negatively about yourself.

You are beautiful, and you are enough. Healthy body image starts and ends with YOU. 

Affirmations for a healthy body

In the mirror

I love and approve of myself.

I am beautiful.

I am deserving.

My body is strong and healthy.

I love every single part of my body.

I love the way I look in the mirror.

I accept myself exactly as I am.


During exercise

I am fit, strong, and toned.

I am filled with energy.

My muscles are strong and healthy.

I get stronger with every rep.

I love to exercise.

It's easy for me to push myself.

I am motivated.

I am capable.

I can do this!


Food and general health

I choose to eat healthy, energising meals.

My body craves vegetables and nourishing foods.

I drink plenty of water.

I absorb nutrients easily.

I am vibrant and full of energy.

I become healthier every day.

My immune system is strong.

Every breath I take restores me to full health.

I allow my body to heal.

I feel wonderful.


What other affirmations do you use?