Product Review: Foxxglow Natural Perfume Oil


My love affair with fragrance started in my early teens when I was gifted a bottle of Tommy Girl. The sweet blackcurrant and apple top notes paired with bright citrus appealed immediatly, and I have loved citrus florals ever since.

Over the years I have flirted with various other fragrances and enjoyed them all. A staple in my fragrance wardrobe is Chanel Coco Mademoiselle; a classic floral oriental that will forever have a place in my heart. I once had a brief stint working on a fragrance counter and found myself in olfactory heaven! When I visited the south of France, I even made my own fragrance in the Molinard workshop. Perfumery fascinates me no end. 

While I adore conventional fragrance, after having a baby I stopped wearing perfume to avoid irritating a tiny wee nose while I was feeding or cuddling. I have been reading about the ingredients used in fragrance, and I am alarmed to find out that many contain synthetics that can be harmful to our health. Green fragrance is a natural extension of the green beauty craze sweeping the industry, so it’s no surprise that organic perfume oils are now a thing. 

The lovely team at Foxxglow sent me one of their blends to try - I choose "CHARM", inspired by Prada Candy. Foxxglow started as a hub for entrepreneurial women and has extended into a fragrance venture set on giving back to the community from which it began. I absolutely love the philosophy and inspiration behind the business. 

When I received my oil I immediately loved the packaging; a petite roll-on that would happily slip into a clutch or small makeup bag. The scent was gorgeous too, reminiscent of the Prada version, with vanilla, musk, and caramel notes, but less sickly sweet and artificial. The roll-on application was quick and easy. Perfume oils last exceptionally well on the skin due to their concentration. 

Best of all: all Foxxglow perfume oils are 100% uncut, pure and skin-safe. They are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, alcohol-free, contain no additives, no GMO’s, no phthalates and no parabens. They are also very well priced at only $24.95 NZD each.

What's not to love? Check out the range here