Fun, flirty brand Benefit Cosmetics have launched "Bling Brow", an adorable tin filled with 52 real Swarovski crystals. These little gems come with adhesive already applied, and a tiny pair of tweezers for application. Benefit are well known for their great brow products and brow shaping bars, so it's appropriate they are taking the brow trend to the next level.

Brow adornments may be having a moment, but this isn't the first time we've seen them. Back in the 1990's, Gwen Stefani led the trend, complete with bindis and blue hair.



Creating a modern version of this look is fun and easy. Bling Brow is perfect for a party, ball or dress-up event. The crystals stick easily, and stay put. They can be removed and placed back in the kit for reuse; simply use eyelash glue to reattach them next time. The Bling Brow kit retails for $47.00, and is available from Benefit Cosmetics Counters.



  • Apply all of your make-up first, including eye make-up.
  • This look is all about playing up the eyes, so add lashes and eyeliner. Keep eyeshadow neutral to allow the crystals to stand out.
  • Comb through your brows and apply a pencil, powder or gel to define. They will be the focus of this look, so it's essential they are bold.
  • Using the tweezers in the kit, carefully pick up your first crystal and apply it to the desired area. Follow with as many as you like.
  • The crystals can also be applied directly ON the brow for a fun look.