Bold brows are in. Aside from being in fashion, appropriately shaped and defined eyebrows completely frame our faces.

Too thin? They'll instantly age you. An incorrect arch will throw facial proportions out, as will too much space in between the brows. If you are in need of some serious brow rehab, visit an expert. A professional can help reshape your brows, and over time, help you grow them back where necessary. Ask a friend (or stranger) with great brows who they go to. Always go by recommendation. Auckland based readers: try Off Wax Brow Bars -




  • If you're plucking at home, only do ONE or TWO hairs at a time. Check in a big mirror as you go to make sure you don't get carried away. Avoid plucking above the brow (strays are fine).


  • Find a brow product to apply to your natural brows, and learn to enhance what you have. A good brow pencil can hide sparse patches, lengthen out over-plucked ends, and create the illusion of an arch. There are also powders and gels available in every colour possible.


  • Don't wax or trim your brows at home. Leave these techniques to the experts. If you can't be trusted with tweezers, invest in regular appointments with a professional. Avoid just "popping in" to any old salon for a brow shape; go with someone who has a good reputation, who you can trust.


The Brow Buddy by Billion Dollar Brows

The Brow Buddy by Billion Dollar Brows


When it comes to filling in your brows at home, an easy way to map out your ideal proportions is to use The Brow Buddy by Billion Dollar Brows. This clever little beauty gadget aligns with your nose, to give you the correct start, arch, and end of your brows.

Using a white eye pencil, simply mark each spot. Fill in your brows with your chosen product, following the guide provided by the white marks. Wipe these away as you go. For the confident among us, you can use the Brow Buddy to shape and tweeze your brows.



Anastastia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade US$18.00

Anastastia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade US$18.00



Anastasia Soare is probably the most famed brow expert in the business. She's responsible for the likes of JLo's eyebrows, and has created an empire on the back of her professional services.

For those of us who aren't in the midst of Hollywood, we can now have celeb-worthy brows at home. Anastasia's product line is available on her website, and ships worldwide.

Her Dipbrow Pomade (pictured above) is like nothing else on earth. This gorgeous, silky wax is easily applied to the brows with an angle brush, and can be used very softly, or built up to create a defined, bold look. Not only does the result look incredible, it is very long-wearing, and there are a multitude of shades to choose from. The pots are a generous size, and only a tiny amount is required per application.

Her tweezers (pictured below) are INCREDIBLE. A worthy investment for those who like to maintain their brows at home.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Tweezers US$28.00

Anastasia Beverly Hills Tweezers US$28.00





Sometimes the most simple tools are the best. A clean mascara wand is the first step to creating your brow look at home; simply comb your brows in an upwards direction, then smooth along the tops. Once your brows have been brushed, they are ready for colour application. Comb through the brows again after you have applied powder or wax. This will keep them looking ultra groomed and natural.

If you are lucky enough to have naturally full eyebrows, this may be the only step you need. A clear brow gel or a spray of hairspray on your mascara wand will keep your look in place.

M.A.C 266 Angle Brush

M.A.C 266 Angle Brush


Brushes are essential for flawless make-up application. A small angle brush is an excellent tool for applying powder, gel or wax to the brows. Invest in quality, and it will last you for many years. It is always worth spending money on brushes for eye make-up application. 

Quality Brush Brands

  • M.A.C
  • Smashbox
  • Bobbi Brown
  • Real Techniques
  • NARS


Jane Iredale Brow Kit

Jane Iredale Brow Kit

Matte Brow Powder

If you prefer a powder, opt for a matte finish in your choice of shade. You can also use matte eye-shadows for this purpose. Powders give a softer effect, and can be used in conjunction with pencils or gels for a more defined look. You don't need a spend a fortune on a brow powder; but keep in mind they usually last a long time.

Use soft strokes through the brow with your angle brush to give a natural look. Comb through with your mascara wand to soften.

Brow Kits are convenient, and make application super easy. The Jane Iredale brow kit (pictured above)- though pricey - gives a beautiful result, and includes tools and a clear finishing wax.