Less Is More: 10 Minute Makeup.

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

Life may be busy, but that doesn't mean you have to live sans makeup. While going makeup-free is wonderful, there are times where a little grooming is essential.

In the age of Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr, we are bombarded with perfect imagery of beautiful women sporting makeup that is 100% unachievable for day to day life. Let's keep it real here. You do not need to look like an airbrushed photo.

What you do need, is to feel fantastic. And I promise this is doable, even if you only have ten minutes to get ready in the morning. But first, some hacks for the dedicated among us.


- To spend less time on your makeup, get your skin glowing. Use skincare that works (this does not mean high-end, expensive stuff), and always remove your makeup before bed. Coconut oil and a muslin cloth is a beautiful, inexpensive way to get your makeup off. 

- Wear sunscreen daily. This can prevent future pigmentation and signs of aging. The power of daily sunscreen is not to be underestimated.

- Self-tan your face. Yes, you heard me right. Self-tanning is a wonderful way to give your skin a hint of colour and even out your skin tone. Do this the night before and you'll barely need any makeup. Eco Tan do a great facial tanner that is foolproof.

- Consider investing in regular peels, treatments, or facials. If you want your skin to look fresh and healthy - and you can afford it - spend your money here. Go to a reputable clinic and get a skin analysis and treatment plan.

- If you're game, Botox is an absolute miracle worker for frown lines, horizontal forehead lines, and crows feet. A sprinkle through the forehead can make a huge difference and give you a relaxed, refreshed look. I'm aware this is not for everyone, and that's perfectly fine. Do what makes you happy. I've been having Botox regularly for a while now, and it is something I will continue to invest in for my skin (it has preventative properties too).


Pick and mix the steps that work for you. Makeup and grooming are all about personal preference and choice - you may be content with just a base, or perhaps mascara is all you need to step out of the house. 


Choose a BB Cream, tinted moisturiser, or foundation to suit your skin type and tone. Opt for one with an SPF to fit your sunscreen step in here. Buff this all over your face with a big blending brush, or apply with your fingertips.


Need more cover? Pat concealer where required. Usually, this is under the eyes, around the nose, and on any blemishes. Go for a long-wearing concealer like M.A.C ProLong Wear.


Add a pop of colour with a cream blush or bronzer. Again, use your fluffy blending brush to apply to the apples of the cheeks (blend outwards).


Brush your brows into place. If desired, run a brow pencil or powder through for more definition. Clear or tinted brow gels are excellent to use when you're in a rush.


Apply one coat of mascara. Invest in a good one! Lancome Hypnose, M.A.C Extended Play, and Maybelline XL Volume are three of my favourites. Note: Some of us won't leave the house without eyeliner as well as mascara. Do it. 


For a natural look, just apply lip balm or a clear gloss. For more colour, apply a tinted gloss, lip stain, or lipstick.